Where to find the best Maltese food in Sydney

Whether you are Maltese or love the cuisine, you are probably on the hunt for a good Maltese food in Sydney. There aren’t a lot in the area but the few we seem to have are quite good. See our list below of our top cafes to visit.

1. Limestone Cafe

In the western suburbs of Sydney, you’ll find Schofields and you’ll also find Limestone Cafe. This Cafe opened a few years ago in the area and serves up some delicious Maltese food. We can’t go past the all day breakfast menu or their dinner option of Rabbit Spaghetti. They also have coffee and pastizzis for eat in or take-away. It is definitely worth the visit if you are not from the area as well.

Where can you find them? 119 Railway Terrace, Schofields
When are they open? Sun-Wed 5:30am-3pm or Thurs-Sat 5:30am-3pm and 5:30pm to 9:30pm

2. Pastizzi Cafe

The name of this place definitely gives away the type of food they are serving! Pastizzi Cafe is located in the busy inner-west suburb of Newtown. There are plenty of pastizzi flavours to pick from as well and large portions of ravioli and every other pasta you can think of. Oh and goodluck on finding a parking spot – I would get their early!

Where can you find them? 523 King St, Newtown
When are they open? Mon-Sun 10am-12am

Unfortunately, with only two options, that is the end of our list. There isn’t a lot of Maltese food in Sydney to pick from but both options above are great!

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