Japanese fluffy pancakes in Chatswood

You’ve probably seen these Japanese fluffy pancakes all over Instagram and you’ve probably been on the hunt to find them? Well, they are from Japan and more and more places are popping up all over Sydney that serve them. Gram – a Japanese cafe just moved into Chatswood in Sydney’s North Shore! This is especially exciting because their executive chef has flown here to teach the Australian chefs how to make these highly demanded pancakes just like they do in Japan!

japanese fluffy pancakes
Photography – Gram

So how are they made? It doesn’t look easy but according to Gram the Japanese ultra-fluffy pancakes are made with egg-whites made into a heavy batter that’s then whipped and then steamed until they get to the final stage of cooking them. The end product is a stack of 3 wobbly-sponge like pancakes (perfect for your Instagram boomerang story haha). According to their menu they also come in a tiramisu flavour, which sounds delicious!

Are you going to be bringing along friends and family that don’t want these pancakes? (surely not but just in case lol) they have french toast, soup, savory pancakes and a BLT. They also have a large drink menu with a range of smoothies, tea and coffees.

We’re so excited to try this place out and we’re sure it will be great! Gram has over 60 cafes throughout the world (the success must have something to do with those unique fluffy pancakes haha)

japanese fluffy pancakes
Photography – Gram

Let us know in the comments if you have been to one of their stores before! Which flavour of the pancakes would you recommend?

Happy Instagraming!

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