Can you recycle cling wrap?

If you’re looking for a new way to care for the environment, we have the answer for you.

You would be surprised how often people search, ‘can you recycle cling wrap?’. Yes is it plastic, however, due to it being a soft plastic it cannot be sorted at a recycling facility. It sits in landfill for yeas while it ever so slowly breaks down. We often think about the negative impact we have had using cling wraps and sandwich bags until recently when Compostic reached out to us. They have a new range of cling wraps and sandwich bags that are better for the environment.

Now Compostic isn’t recyclable either, but is it compostable and should break down within 12-24 weeks. For those that do not have a compost – good news also, the Compostic products decompose quicker than regular plastic at your commercial rubbish landfill.

They are also freezer safe, microwave safe and worm bin safe so basically they’re safe in every situation. There is also no cutter in the cling wrap box, but do not worry – they have all been pre-cut to the size of a dinner plate so there is no waste.

We also love the green packaging, it reminds you that you are doing something better for the environment and you can easily distinguish it from regular cling wrap and bags.

The only down side we have experienced after a few uses is that is does tear more easily then regular cling wrap but if you are careful it should not be a problem. We think this small issue does not out way the good you are doing for the environment.

Let us know if you have tried these products or if you know of any other similar brands.

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Bars outside Sydney’s CBD

Are you looking for a new local bar? Well you’ve come to the right place – we’ve discovered bars from Coogee to Penrith.

Now that we have arrived in Winter, we like to avoid venturing out too far in the night. The cold just isn’t worth the trip into Sydney’s CBD to visit the bars in there. We’ve done a bit of research to assist you staying warm and found bars all over the suburbs. Maybe your next bar trip will be just round the corner?

1. Hendriks, Crows Nest

Hendriks, located in Crows Nest is a small bar with a huge wine list (100 bottles to choose from). For those on the lower north shore, if you can’t find a wine you enjoy here – we can’t help you haha! We have heard the highlight of this bar isn’t the wine list though, but instead it is their Jaffles. They are giant and come in flavours including mushroom, cheese, beef, chicken and even a Nutella one for dessert!

2. Una Mas, Coogee

If you enjoy tapas and wine, Una Mas at Coogee is the place for you. It is inside Coogee Pavilion, right off the famous beach. You’ll find some unique Spanish and Australian dishes here plus an array of cocktails and affordable wines. We are eyeing off the octopus with fermented chilli (which we can’t find a picture of but it sounds good on the menu)!

3. Sake Restaurant and Bar, Manly

If looking over the water and eating Japanese food is your style, this is the place for you. For those on the Northern Beaches – if you thought the 100 bottle wine list previously mentioned was a lot, it has been outdone by Sake with a list of 150 bottles! They also have $10 spritzes during certain hours on weekdays.

4. Pickled Bear, Bella Vista

The Pickled Bear, located in Sydney’s Hills District, is the perfect local bar if you like cheese boards and meat. There are some great cocktails on this menu, we are having trouble deciding which one we could pick. We do know what we would choose to eat though – The Charcuterie Plate! We would recommend you book an inside table to stay extra warm haha.

5. Mr Watkins, Penrith

And lastly, we have Penrith who host Mr Watkins Bar. You’ll find hotdogs and a great wine list ready for you 6 days a week. They also have trivia night one day per week (currently on Tuesdays). With Penrith being about 40kms from Sydney’s CBD this means you can save so much time on transport and spend more time being warm!

We hope you have found a new local bar to visit during these colder months!

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Takeaway Mother’s Day hampers and high tea in Sydney

Mother’s Day 2020, looks like it is going to be spent at home. I’m sure a lot of your plans have been cancelled, just like ours – to take mum out to have high tea. So, if you’re not a chef, here are our top picks of Mother’s Day hampers in Sydney.

1. Glenorie Bakery, Glenorie

Our first takeaway Mother’s Day option can be done through Glenorie Bakery. They are doing a high tea box that includes all your favourites! The family high tea is $85 (4-5 people) and the couples high tea is $50 (2 people). So what can you find inside? savoury pastries, desserts, local flowers, a succulent plant, mini champagne and T2 teabags. What more could you ask for then to also have the decorations included! They are delivering through most of the Hills District and into Blacktown.

Takeaway mother's day
Photography – Glenorie Bakery

2. Chiswick, Woollahra

The iconic Chiswick in Woollahra is also putting on a Mother’s Day feast for your family! If it’s created by Matt Moran’s team, nothing can go wrong right? They are doing both lunch and dinner packages that you can pick up from the restaurant. The packages range from $169-$199 for the family and you can pick from chicken or lamb. They packages include your entrees, mains and desserts so everyone should be full by the end!

Takeaway mother's day
Photography – Chiswick

3. The Paper Mill, Liverpool

Why not treat your mum to a breakfast box from The Paper Mill? For just $65, your mum will be delighed with the following items; mini danish, mini croissants, carrot cake, waffles, seasonal fruit including raspberries, blueberries, & strawberries, Nutella, blueberry compote, granola, T2 teabags and a Brown Brothers Pink Moscato. (They won me with the Brown Brothers Moscato) haha! You can pick them up in store on Saturday and Sunday as well.

Takeaway mother's day
Photography – The Paper Mill

We hope one of our takeaway mother’s day options works for you! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there – this will surely be a Mother’s Day to remember!

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Takeaway options for isolation in Sydney

The world we are living in now is completely different to what we have ever experienced. What we use to take for granted is no longer possible, with restaurants no longer being able to have a dine-in option. Many places have had to quickly adapt to the world of takeaway. Here are some takeaway in Sydney options that have stood out for us:

takeaway in sydney
Photo by Pixabay on

1. Belmonte Italian Cusine

One of our favourite places in the Hills District has shut up the doors to their dine-in section but continued to excel in their takeaway. Not only have they been delivering free pizzas to the local supermarket staff but they are also delivering orders free when you spend over $40 (which is pretty easy to spend on a family dinner). They will also add a garlic bread or drink on pick up orders over $40.

2. The Pie Tin

If you’re craving a pie then The Pie Tin in Newton is another places for you to take advantage of their takeaway options. They are delivering in the local area as well! Not only are they selling hot ready to eat food but also par-baked, cold or frozen items for you to save it for a later date.

takeaway in sydney
Photo by Pixabay on

3. Butter

Located in Surry Hills and Parramatta, Butter only claim to be a phone call away during these uncertain times. They are offering their fried chicken via pick up or delivery – and have even signed up to deliveroo to make your experience easier if phone calls aren’t your thing! We’ve tried their burgers and ramen and both are delicious!

4. Sunset Diner

Dreaming back to our freedom during the summer months, my first thought goes to Avalon Beach! Sunset Diner is located there and are staying open for pick up and delivery via UberEats. They also created a DriveUp option where they will bring your order to your car (I like the sound of this haha). Ps. the burgers look so good here!

takeaway in sydney
Photo by Horizon Content on

5. Chatime

We couldn’t leave a drink option off the list and with locations all over Sydney, there is bound to be one near you. They are on their own app, UberEats and Deliveroo so take your pick! They are also taking measures via their SafeTea (haha) inclusions of contactless payments and restricting reusable cups.

Enjoy your takeaway in Sydney!

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Top 5 pizza places in Sydney

Who doesn’t love a good slice (or 8) of pizza! There are so many Italian places around Sydney that is can be hard to decide which ones are best. We’ve been to a lot of them, so we’ll help you out. See below our list of the top 5 pizza places in Sydney.

1. Georges Gourmet Pizzeria

Every time we drive past this place, it is packed! And if you taste their pizza, it explains why. Located in Bella Vista, this pizza place is probably our favourite place to go to at the moment. The range of pizza options is huge (our favs being the Mediterranean Grill or Bella Vista) and they even have a Nutella pizza for dessert, which won our hearts.

Where can you find them: 1 Circa Boulevarde, Bella Vista
When are they open: Tues-Sun 11am-10pm or Mon 11am-2:30pm

2. Bondi Pizza

Our second choice is more a of restaurant chain option, but their pizzas are still good. Bondi Pizza are known for their pizza and they also have a huge menu with many options. Everytime we go, we try something different because of the different options. The good thing about Bondi Pizza, is that they have locations almost everywhere. This means no matter where you are, there is probably one close by.

Where can you find them: Various locations
When are they open: Depends on location but generally Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

3. Da Mario

A bit more on the fancy side is Da Mario which has a range of red and white based pizzas. You’ll usually catch us ordering the pizza with the olives and anchovies on it and they have the perfect one. The Partenopea consists of tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, olives, capers and oregano (heaven). It gets busy here as well so get their early or book!

Where can you find them: Shop 1/36 Morley Ave, Rosebery
When are they open: Tues-Thurs 5pm-9pm or Fri-Sun 12pm-3pm and 5pm-9pm

4. The Pizza Pasta Kitchen

Another one of our favs is The Pizza Pasta Kitchen, a hidden gem in Toongabbie (it’s worth the drive). I think because of its hidden location it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The menu is huge here as well but we always order the same pizza (Vegetarian Supreme) as we can’t imagine any pizza tasting as good haha!

Where can you find them: 5/4 Claudia Rd, Toongabbie
When are they open: Mon-Sun 7am-9pm

5. Frankie’s Pizza

If an underground bar is more your style then Frankie’s Pizza is probably the best place to be. Especially if you are into the rock n roll scene with pinball machines haha. They serve all your classic pizzas and they taste great too. It gets really busy here too, so try to get here early or book ahead.

Where can you find them: 50 Hunter St, Sydney
When are they open: Mon-Sun 4pm-3:30am but on Fri they open at midday

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New Cafe in Sydney: Cadenza Floral Cafe

If you are a North Sydney local or are wanting to try a new Instagram worthy cafe than we have found a new cafe you must visit. Cadenza Floral Cafe, looks exactly as what you would imagine it looks like after reading the name. It has your good looking dishes with beautiful pink and floral background decor (that’s bound to get you a few Instagram likes right?)

New Cafe in Sydney – Cadenza Floral Cafe

The cafe is influenced by Korean cooking with meals including waffles, bulgogi burgers and huge bacon sandwiches! They also have some beautiful drinks and regular breakfast items including french toast and granola! It seems to be the perfect place for your next girls day brunch. Or i’m sure you can drag your boyfriend along haha.

The pricing seems quite reasonable for the area and has quite a lot to pick from, which is great for our fussy eaters! It also has a great kids menu with cute little meals for them. It does seem to get quite busy, especially during brunch time so make sure to get there early.

New cafe in Sydney – Cadenza Floral Cafe

Where can you find them: 2a/211 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney
When are they open: Mon-Fri 6:30am-5:30pm or Sat 7am-5:30pm or Sun 7am-3:30pm

Happy eating! And let us know your thoughts on the cafe in the comments below if you go!

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Food Influencers posting food authority nightmares

Our food blog/Instagram lives closely by our food bible – The NSW Food Authority and their list of named and shamed restaurants. The places on this list are almost ingrained in our heads to make sure we never promote them haha! But what surprises us is the amount of Instagram Food Bloggers that promote them and encourage people to go there. The Food Authority post an updated list every Tuesday.

Many restaurants look inviting from the front door but if you saw a dirty kitchen would you keep walking in? Below we are going to list reasons restaurants make their way on this list. You will be probably be quite surprised and there are some big name restaurants on there too.

Photo by Portuguese Gravity on Unsplash


This is a major one that comes up quite a bit. It can range from simply not maintaining the premises to the required standards all the way to not taking measures to prevent pests in the restaurant. There is also a separate warning for maintaining equipment and fixtures to a certain level of cleanliness. I’m not sure how true this is, but I’ve been told by people in the industry, that you have to be really dirty to be given this warning. So don’t think it is just a speck of dust on the counter haha!

2.Temperature Control/Contamination

There are actually restaurants that fail to store their food in temperatures that stop bacterial growth. Or they store it in areas that it can be contaminated by other foods. (eg cooked and raw foods together, chicken and fruit together). This also includes display cabinets not being the correct temperature and needing to have a temperature measuring device on site. Some places don’t even have this, that is what shocked us the most.

3.Hand Washing Facilities

This one is probably the most shocking to us. Failing to have hand washing facilities or easily accessible hand washing on the premises. Gross right? This warning/fine can also include not having hand soup near the hand washing facility as well. This is just getting worse! But it doesn’t stop there, there are even restaurants that don’t have warm running water at the sink.

4.Illegal Ingredients

This one is worrying if you have health problems that are caused by foods/preservatives. There are restaurants that have received warnings about having illegal ingredients in their food. (Eg. Sulphur Dioxide can set off asthema sufferers and was found in one restaurants food). Quite scary when you think about it.

5.No Licence to Operate

There are even places around that are operating and don’t have the required licence to have a food business. How does that even happen? If you are serving food you basically need a licence to inform the food authority you are operating. The only people except from this are NFP fund raising events.

We hope next time you’re walking past a restaurant or being influenced but a food blogger that you check to make sure you’re not getting food poisoning tonight. You can find the NSW Food Authority here:

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Sydney’s new cafes, restaurants and places in 2020

We all want to start a new year off with a fresh start. So why not also add fresh new places to eat at to your list? Plus, if you joined the gym as part of your new years resolution then you can eat as much as you want right?

1.The Four Pillars Gin

Yes, that’s right! The Four Pillars Gin and Drinks Lab is coming to Surry Hills, Sydney after many years in Melbourne. And has made our list of new places to visit in 2020. It looks like they are planning to deck the place out with their Creative Director specing out the bar to showcase all the things you can do with Four Pillars Gin. So, I can do more than a Gin and Tonic? haha

Photography – Four Pillars Gin

Where can you find them? 410 Crown Street, Surry Hills


You will no longer need to book a flight to the United States to enjoy some Cinnabon. They are finally coming to Australia, with one of their stores landing in Sydney! We’re so excited for this one, especially some of their classic rolls.

Photography –

Where can you find them? TBC

3.Taco Bell

This one opened in December 2019 but lets be honest, who had time to visit it during the crazy holiday season. Hence, why we had to add it to our list to visit in 2020. It has two stores in NSW – one in Blacktown and the other in Newcastle.

Photography – Timeout

Where can you find them? Westpoint Shopping Centre, Blacktown or Jesmond Central

Will you be trying any of these in 2020?

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Why does eating out taste so much better than at home?

Sometimes I think restaurant food tastes so much better than cooking for yourself. Maybe its because you simply didn’t have to cook it or there could be more to it. I’ve recently come across an article about why restaurant food tastes so good and here are the reasons why.

A trained chef

This one might be a obvious one, but if you been to years of classes to be a professional chef you would hope your cooking is better than the average household. Otherwise, who would bother coming to your restaurant? Understand flavours and cooking meals from scratch definitely make a difference and it shows! Imagine spending majority of your life cooking and it’s not any better the the average at home cook haha!

Fat, sugar and salt

We all know seasoning food is a must to make it taste good but you may be surprised how much a chef may season your meal. Salt will probably be added to your meal three times over the cooking process but a load of butter and sugar. As good as it tastes in the end… it would probably shock you to watch them do it! But that’s fine every now and then right??


Just being out of the house makes a difference to your food experience. The feeling, textures, smells and sound of people around you are right it can make a good dish into a sensational dish. The presentation of each meal beats the lack of presentation and noisy kids at home. All with little effort from yourself.

Now it is time for you to go out and pick some restaurant food to eat! Have your seen our blog on pet friendly cafes and even have a dedicated pet food?

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Sydney restaurants open Christmas Day 2019

Maybe you aren’t a good cook or maybe you don’t want to worry about cooking this Christmas. Why not indulge in some of Sydney’s best restaurants open Christmas Day (2019)? We’ve done the research for you and you can find our list below:

Sofitel Sydney – Christmas Day Dinner

Sofitel are putting on a 4-course dinner prepared by their Executive Chef Eric Costille. They’ve listed their Christmas specials as duck, foic gras, pork belly and black pudding sausage. And don’t forget about dessert, where they have created a reinvention of the old Provence tradition of the 13 Desserts of Christmas!

Photography: Sofitel

The night starts at 5:30pm and costs $119 per adult 🙂

Where can you find them? 12 Darling Dr, Sydney

Quay Restaurant – Christmas Day Lunch

If you feel like spending a little extra for Christmas Day, than Quay Restaurant may be more your style. To celebrate Christmas Day they are putting on a 4-course Christmas menu by their Executive Chef Peter Gilmore. On arrival you will also receive champagne and three canapes.

Photography – Quay Restaurant

They are taking bookings throughout lunch time and costs $450 per adult.

Where can you find them? Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks

INDU Dining

If you were looking for something more cultural, then INDU dining could be the answer you are looking for. All group bookings receive a special Christmas inspired package. This includes: Seasonal menu that is designed to share with Christmas inspired desserts and cocktails.

Photography: INDU Dining

They are taking bookings throughout Christmas Day and the Christmas Feast costs $75 per adult.

Where can you find them? 350 George Street Entry Via, Angel Pl, Sydney

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Maybe the beach is more your style… it is summer after all. Enjoy a grant feast of succulent seafood, cocktails and beach-side views with family and friends, it sounds pretty good to me. And if you drink too much they even have accommodation available haha!

Photography: Watsons Bay Hotel

They are taking bookings at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm and costs $299 per adult.

Where can you find them? 1 Military Rd, Watsons Bay

We hope you have a lovely Christmas, no matter how you decide to spent it! And that our article helped you find a restaurant to eat at on Christmas Day.

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