Where to eat at Sydney Olympic Park before an event?

Looking for a restaurant to dine at before your next event at Sydney Olympic Park? You have come to the right place?

Most events in Sydney happen to occur at Sydney Olympic Park and before any event you need to make sure you eat right? See the list below of our top recommendations on where to stop and get a feed before your next event.

We would highly recommend you book when big events are on too!

1. Fishwave Poke Bowl

If you’re after a casual vibe and love poke bowls and sushi, you cannot go past this place. There isn’t much seating here but it is perfect if you’re in a rush to an event and need to eat on the go. The meal sizes here are generous and the ingredients always seem fresh!

2. Piccolo Roma

This restaurant has been around forever so they know their stuff when it comes to pre-event hospitality. A glass of wine paired with your favourite pizza, pasta or main is the perfect combo at this restaurant. We’ve been here before an event and found the service friendly and the meals were fresh and came out in a reasonable time.

3. P’nut Street Noodles

If you’re on budget, P’nut Street Noodles will fill your hunger needs before an event at a reasonable price. The portions are large and full of flavour and the staff are always friendly. Who doesn’t love noodles right?

4. Thai Palate

This restaurant has a nice casual vibe to it and has all your favourite Thai dishes sorted. The food comes our quick and fresh and tastes fantastic, plus the portions are also quite generous. Your Thai food cravings will definitely be satisfied here.

5. LouLou’s Cafe & Restaurant

Alfresco dining with woodfire pizza is the best way to sum up this restaurant. The staff are friendly and the dishes are delicious! Their garlic bread comes highly recommended too. This place gets extra brownie points as our dog is called Lou too haha!

Have you tried any of these places? Which one is your favourite?

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Why does eating out taste so much better than at home?

Sometimes I think restaurant food tastes so much better than cooking for yourself. Maybe its because you simply didn’t have to cook it or there could be more to it. I’ve recently come across an article about why restaurant food tastes so good and here are the reasons why.

A trained chef

This one might be a obvious one, but if you been to years of classes to be a professional chef you would hope your cooking is better than the average household. Otherwise, who would bother coming to your restaurant? Understand flavours and cooking meals from scratch definitely make a difference and it shows! Imagine spending majority of your life cooking and it’s not any better the the average at home cook haha!

Fat, sugar and salt

We all know seasoning food is a must to make it taste good but you may be surprised how much a chef may season your meal. Salt will probably be added to your meal three times over the cooking process but a load of butter and sugar. As good as it tastes in the end… it would probably shock you to watch them do it! But that’s fine every now and then right??


Just being out of the house makes a difference to your food experience. The feeling, textures, smells and sound of people around you are right it can make a good dish into a sensational dish. The presentation of each meal beats the lack of presentation and noisy kids at home. All with little effort from yourself.

Now it is time for you to go out and pick some restaurant food to eat! Have your seen our blog on pet friendly cafes and even have a dedicated pet food?

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The Sydney Suburbs to live in for the highest density of cafes!

We’ve found some amazing results when looking for suburbs with the highest density of cafes to choose from and it might not be what you are expecting.

Food culture is one of the factors measured to rate the liveability of suburbs, which in our eyes makes complete sense! We went on a hunt for some of the best suburbs to live in based purely off the cafe and restaurant culture they have. Your usual suburbs of the The Rocks, Surry Hills and Woolloomooloo surely made the list but some of the surprising ones for us were:
– Bella Vista (North West)
– Cronulla (South)
– Camden (South West)
– Penrith (Greater West)
– Taren Point (South West)

Photography Tom Rumble

So next time you’re looking to venture out of your usual spot or even look for somewhere new to live, these up and coming suburbs with high food density might be next on your list!